Tegretol uses?

Tegretol with the generic Carbamazepine is a type of an anti-convulsant used to cure Seizures and pain. Seizures are a sudden stroke of attack on the brain which results in your loss of control and consciousness. You may end up having Jerks in your arms, legs and face. Seizures are known to last for different time periods for different people and this condition can happen regardless of age and gender.
The medicine controls Seizures by restricting the number of nerve impulses that are sent to the brain for an activity. Trigeminal Neuralgia is a condition in which the sensations from the face are sent to the brain to vigorously respond via trigeminal nerve. If you have this disease, the skin of your face may prove extra sensitive to you. You may feel acute pain even when brushing the teeth.
Tegretol usage is effective against Trigeminal Neuralgia too. It is used to decrease the pain felt in facing jolts and shakes while seizures.
Tegretol is not for the patients who incur history of following problems:
Bone Marrow Suspension
Allergic to Doxepin
Allergic to amitriptyline
Allergic to imipramine
Allergic to Nortriptyline

Carbamazepine loses its effectiveness when it is taken with, some of the other medicines. So it is wise to consult the doctor and get prescribed before running into useless condition. Tegretol is reported to produce life-threatening skin problems (rashes). You must contact your doctor immediately even if you have slightest of fever, unusual weakness and bleeding or a skin rash.
It is important to mention here that quitting the dosage without doctor’s consent is a dangerous step to take.
If you have suffered from Bone marrow suppression before in your life, you are not advised to start Tegretol and your body has an allergic response to the medicines containing antidepressants. Some antidepressants are Doxepin, amitriptyline, Nortriptyline etc.
Tegretol is not preferred to be used in two weeks span if you were on MAO inhibitors. If the medicine is taken, it may lead to creating serious circumstances by the interaction of MAO inhibitors with Tegretol. A blood test is normally asked before starting treatment with Tegretol.
Tegretol can vigorously change your mood swings so, it is worthy to tell some close relation about taking the medicine. During pregnancy, it can do potential damage to the baby. Having a seizure could possibly harm both the mother and the baby so its benefit in this regard is greater. Taking the pill or quitting the pill during pregnancy without doctor’s consent is even a greater problem.
Contraceptive pills may also stop function if Tegretol is continued with it. An effective measure is the use of protection (Condom or Diaphragm) can be used to perform sex without getting pregnant.
Tegretol is basically an anticonvulsant which is available in tablets of chewable form, tablet form and oral suspension. In tablets form, the composition contains 100mg, 200mg, and 400mg carbamazepine respectively with each composition having different physical looks.
Tegretol dosage is different for its use in Epilepsy and Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Adult’s dosage of Epilepsy is 200mg (immediate or extended release) orally twice daily. The dosages can be increased after consulting the doctor but must not exceed than 1200mg/day for epilepsy.
Dosage for Trigeminal Neuralgia is 100 mg (immediate or extended release) orally twice daily. The dosage can be increased but not more than 1200mg/day.
Tegretol dosage for children is different and it varies according to the age of the child.
For treatment of epilepsy:
Children aged 6 and less
Initially, start from 10mg/kg (Oral Suspension) daily with 3 doses per day and increase the dosage by weekly intervals. The maximum dosage must not exceed 35mg/kg daily.
6-12 years group
The initial dose is 100mg twice orally (immediate or extended release tablets), an increase in dosages is recommended at weekly intervals with doctor’s consent. Dosage should not exceed more than 1200 mg/day for patients with age greater than 15 years.

The dosage of Tegretol XR must be consulted with a doctor as its intake may cause drowsiness, Blurring in vision, confusion, and dizziness. And if the tablets are taken with the alcohol, the effects may be more than worse.

Tegretol toxicity

Tegretol side effects are somehow threatening and fatal to life so it must not be taken as lightly. The consulting doctor must be contacted at the immediate basis to refrain from having any fatal damages. The side effects of Tegretol are:
Severe skin rashes (call your doctor immediately on the first rash no matter how minute it is)
Uncontrolled heart pulses.
Short of breath.
Sudden feel of weakness, fever, chills, jolts
A headache, unsteady feeling, swelling in your facial area and tongue.
Liver issues, Itching, Dark Urine, clay-colored stools, nausea

Tegretol Overdose can be potentially very dangerous and it has been reported in some cases over the world. The worst scenario of overdosage is death with a variety of other scenarios happening depending upon the amount of overdosage.

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