What is singulair used for?

Singulair medication is used to treat the patients of allergic responses. It is basically a Leukotriene inhibitor, which are the chemicals released by the body of human beings in response to breathing in an allergen. These chemicals are dangerous for the health of lungs and they create swellings in your lungs. Moreover, they are the cause of tightening of muscles around the air tracts which is directly attributed to asthma.
Singulair is used to cure asthma in adults and children. The age of children can be even 12 months old. With this as Singulair’s prime job, it is also rendered useful in preventing bronchospasm in young and children due to exerting on their bodies who are at least six years old.

Singulair for allergies

Singulair medicine makes its use in treating the allergies which spread out throughout the year like dust allergy and it is effectively useful in allergies which are seasonal like pollen allergy.
It is also quite useful and handy in treating the patients of bronchoconstriction (a disease in which the air passages in the lungs gets narrower) which is caused by over-exertion in the exercise. But this can only happen if these patients are not already using the medicine for any other purposes.
If anyone is using Singulair and he gets involved in any other above-mentioned problems, it is advised to not to take extra dosage for the new disease.
To make best possible use of Singulair, you must disclose your doctor about having asthma or allergic response to aspirin. This medicine does not affect the pregnancy but for the safety purposes, it is asked to consult clearly with the doctor if you are pregnant or you intend to during the treatment process.

Taking Singulair dosages without the recommendations of the doctor, it can prove to be quite an unpleasant experience so it is generally and specifically, both advised to not exceed the dosage doctor have set for you.
Singulair, for the cure against asthma and allergic responses, is taken as one tablet daily. For cure against Bronchoconstriction, it is advised to take the medicine, at least, 2-hours before your exercise and not to take another dose for next 24 hours.
If the tablet is chewable, it must be chewed before it is swallowed and if it is not, it must be engulfed with water. In granular form, Singulair can be used with a teaspoon containing breast milk or baby formula, a spoonful of ice-cream, rice or mashed carrots. Granular form is not open environment-friendly and if it is once opened, it must be consumed in the time span of 15 minutes otherwise disposed of. You cannot keep it for a re-use.
Improvement signs may take longer time than anticipated so if the condition is not improved a bit after several weeks, you must consult your doctor again to get the professional advice.
Singulair generic is sold under the label “Montelukast”. Montelukast works just as same as “zafirlukast” in preventing leukotrienes to bind with the cell and cause an inflammation and swelling in the lungs. What it differs from “Zafirlukast” is Montelukast does not include CYP2C9 and CYP3A4, the two enzymes which are meant for breaking down and eliminating various drugs.

Singulair side effects which may include:
Abnormal changes in behavior.
Pain in ear, swelling and rashes.
Muscle weakness, Bruising and skin rashes.
Burning sensation in your face, eyes, skin which is then followed by Skin rash reddish or purplish in color.
Common side effects of Singulair are:
Stomach ache, Diarrhea
Fever and flu symptoms.
Unusual headaches.
Loss of bladder control in children.
Breathing problems.
Lack of appetite,
Singulair dosage is prescribed on the basis of age of the patient and the condition.
1 dose of 4mg granules is (orally) advised for 6-23 months, children.
1 dose of 4mg granules (orally) or 4mg tablets (chewable) is advised for children above 23 and below 5 years.
5 mg tablets (chewable) for children of 6-14 years
above 14 years, a tablet of 5-mg is advised.
Singulair must not be used by the patients if they are allergic to any one of its ingredients. This may worsen their problem and they become instead Singulair Allergic. Magnesium Stearate, Mannitol, Microcrystalline cellulose, red ferric oxide, hydroxypropyl cellulose, cherry flavor, magnesium stearate, aspartame, and croscarmellose sodium are some of the ingredients of Singulair and the intake of medicine must be stopped readily if you are allergic to any one of them.
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