Plavix is used to prevent blood clots after a recent heart attack or stroke, and in people with certain disorders of the heart or blood vessels. Plavix (clopidogrel) helps to prevent platelets in your blood from sticking together and forming a blood clot. Unwanted blood clots can occur with certain heart or blood vessel conditions. Plavix generic clopidogrel bisulfate, an anti-platelet medication that’s used to prevent blood clots. The generic for Plavix is Clopidogrel

Mechanism of action

Plavix mechanism of action acts by inhibiting the ADP receptor on platelet cell membranes. It is a prodrug, which requires CYP2C19 for its activation. The drug specifically and irreversibly inhibits the P2Y12subtype of ADP receptor, which is important in the activation of platelets and eventual cross-linking by the protein fibrin. Platelet inhibition can be demonstrated two hours after a single dose of oral clopidogrel, but the onset of action is slow, so a loading dose of either 600 or 300 mg is administered when a rapid effect is needed.
Generic Plavix versions of blood-thinning medication – clopidogrel bisulfate has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by making it less likely that platelets in the blood will clump and form clots in the arteries.

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Plavix Side Effects

Common side effects of Plavix include:
Head or joint pain
Skin redness
Taste problems
Stop taking Plavix and contact your doctor if you experience any of the following serious side effects:
Bloody or tarry stools
Blood in your urine
Coughing up blood
Vomiting that looks like coffee grounds
Crushing considerable chest pain that spreads to arm, shoulder, or jaw
Sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of your body
Sudden headache
Vision, speech, or balance problems
Pale skin or yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice)
Purple or red pinpoint spots under your skin
Unusual bleeding in the mouth, vagina, or rectum
Get emergency help if you exhibit the following signs of an allergic reaction to Plavix:
Difficulty breathing
Swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat

Plavix Dosage

Most people take Plavix once a day.
It is a good idea to take this drug with food and lots of water to reduce the side effects.
Never stop taking Plavix without talking to your doctor.
Most people with unstable angina or heart attack begin with a 300-mg dose, followed by 75 mg once a day, taken together with 75 to 325 mg of aspirin.
If you have a peripheral arterial disease or have had a recent stroke, your doctor will likely prescribe a dose of 75 mg daily.

Plavix Overdose

Never take more Plavix than your doctor has prescribed.
If you are concerned that you or someone else might have overdosed, get to the emergency room right away or call a poison control center.

Missed Dose of Plavix

If you forget to take your medication, take it as soon as you remember unless it is time for your next dose.
If it is time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and proceed with your regular dosing regimen.
Don’t take extra pills to make up for a missed dose unless your doctor advises you to do so.

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