Lipitor generic name is atorvastatin, a drug that belongs to statins’ group of drugs used in reducing the level of cholesterol popularly known as bad type while the level of the good one (cholesterol) is increased. In other words, it is a drug used in the treatment of high cholesterol and also functions to reduce the possibility of stroke, coronary heart infection, heart attack, type 2 diabetes related heart problem and other related health factor. This is why Lipitor and diabetes or Lipitor diabetes terms are very popular with those using this medication. The drug, Lipitor can be used by both adults and children within the age of 10.

How to use lipitor

The drug, atorvastastin, generic Lipitor is often used with good diet to help in the reduction of fats and bad cholesterol while the good one is efficiently increased in the blood stream. It functions to reduce the quantity of cholesterol that is produced from the liver, as it helps reduce lots of health related diseases. Apart from good diet, weight loss, avoiding smoking and good exercise are daily lifestyles that can help the effectiveness of this medication.
This medication should be taken orally once per day with food or without food. Your doctor has the final say so; you should follow his prescription depending on the severity of your health, your ability to respond to treatment, your age as well as the previous treatment you have been taking in the past. All these will determine the required dose from your doctor. This is why you should open up to your doctor on previous or current treatment.
While on atorvastastin, generic for Lipitor, you should avoid eating or drinking grapefruit and its juice respectively as this may reduce the potency of the drug in your blood stream except your doctor says otherwise. If you have been on other cholesterol reducing drugs before this such as colestipol, you must use this medication, Lipitor an hour before or 4 hours after those drugs have been taken because they work contrary to each other by reducing its full digestion. Since your doctor knows better, let him know so as to give you proper guidance.
You are expected to take this drug as prescribed to get maximum benefit from it. It should be taken at the given time every day. Even if you feel better, do not discontinue the medication. Ensure the number of days is covered. The total number of dosage usually spans four weeks. Do not withdraw from completing it.

Lipitor dosage

For adults using it for the prevention/treatment of Cardiovascular infection, the initial dosage as recommended is between 10mg and 80mg, which must be taken orally once per day. The good thing is using it any time of the day without the fear of eating or not. The drug has been effective for both primary and secondary cases of treatment.
For the treatment of hyperlipidemia in adults, doses can range from 10, 20 to 40mg, which must be taken once per day orally. A maintenance dose should be within the range of 10 and 80mg daily.
For children between 10 and 17 years treating heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, they should take 10 mg once each day with 20 mg as the maximum.
There should be no fuse over missed dosage as they can be taken at the point of remembrance but if your next dose is due in 12 hours, you can forfeit the skipped dose. You must avoid taking extra pill to make for the missed one or rather, consult your doctor. Medical help should be sought immediately an overdose is mistakenly taken as this can be dangerous.

Side Effects Of Lipitor

If you discover any changes in the course of taking this drug, please discontinue use and also get the attention of your doctor. Some of the side effects include swollen face, throat, face and lips, difficulty in breathing, hives, muscle pains, weakness, colored urine, kidney failure, signs of stroke, stomach upset, diarrhea, and any other complications. Do not wait for the drug to weigh you down before you call your doctor. Immediately you notice any change, you must take action.

Drug Interaction And Precautions

There are drugs that work to hinder the effectiveness of this drug, Lipitor. You must let your doctor know all you have been taking before the prescription to avoid Lipitor side effects. Some of these drugs are: heart medications, birth control medicines, HIV and AIDS medicine, antibiotics and cholesterol related drugs. You doctor will explain other drugs that can work contrary to Lipitor to you.
You are not expected to use this drug if you have liver infection, you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your doctor must also know all your health history. Children below 10 years are not expected to use this drug.

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