Fosamax is a prescription drug that belongs to a group of medicine biphosphonates. Fosamax is mainly used to treat osteoporosis in men and women. In men, the drug is used to treat bone loss caused by taking steroids and in women it treats or prevents osteoporosis which is caused by menopause or ageing.
Fosamax works by altering the cycle of bone formation in the body. Alendronate which is the also the Fosamax generic, slows done bones loss and at the same time helps increase bone mass thereby preventing and helping patients with bone fractures.
Alendronate Fosamax was first approved by the FDA in 1995. It is not a controlled drug and it is available on prescription only.
Pregnancy warning of Category C has been assigned to Fosamax so a risk can not be ruled out in women who are pregnant and on medication of Fosamax.

Fosamax alternatives

There are many alternatives to Fosamax for the treatment of osteoporosis, osteopenia and Paget’s disease of bone. If you are concerned with the side effects of Fosamax, there are other alternatives that can be prescribed by a doctor to help with the symptoms. Having said that, Fosamax and Fosamax Plus D are the most commonly prescribed medications for osteoporosis and other bone problems mentioned above.
Some natural remedies that can also be Fosamax alternatives are also available and can be used if they are suggested by a doctor. Vitamin D and Calcium supplements are often suggested as Fosamax alternatives that are natural.
Other alternatives include preventive remedies such as maintaining ideal body weight, increase physical activity to help keep the bones strong, minimizing on caffeine, coffee and alcohol.

Fosamax Dosage

Fosamax generic Alendronate can be taken in the following strengths:
70 mg, 35mg, 40mg, 5mg, 10mg, 70mg/75mL
The usual dose for adults suffering from Osteoporosis is 10 mg daily once a day or 70mg orally once a week.
for the treatment of Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis the dose is 5mg orally once a day or 10mg orally once a day for women with postmenopause.
For prevention of Osteoporosis in adults, the dose is 5mg orally once a day or 35mg orally once a week.
For adults with Paget’s disease, the dose is 40mg orally once a day for 6 months.
It is recommended to take this drug on an empty stomach with a full glass of water at least 30 minutes before taking your first food of the day. Fosamax should not be taken with mineral water, tea, soda, juice or alcohol. These instructions should be followed for the best efficacy and absorption and to decrease the risk of esophageal reactions.
Use Fosamax only when it is prescribed by your doctor or health practitioner. Do not take Fosamax dosage other than what is recommended by your doctor. Take Fosamax on the same time every day to help ensure best results and also to help with remembering. In case a dose is missed, take the next dose on its specified time. Do not take multiple doses to make up for the missed dose. If you want to stop using Fosamax, discuss with your doctor before you start the dose again and discuss if you need any adjustment.

Fosamax Side Effects

Fosamax can cause some side effects and these should immediately be discussed with your doctor as soon as any of the symptoms start to appear. Some of these are:
Abdominal or stomach pain
Pain in esophagus
Muscle pain
Skin rash
Cramps in the stomach
Chest pain
Joint pain
Some of these Fosamax problems may only be temporary and might go away once your body adjust to the drug reaction. However, consult a doctor immediately if any of these symptoms appear and persist.

Fosamax lawsuit

Ever since Fosamax became a popular treatment of Osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions, there have been many cases where patients have experienced serious complications some of which include bone fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw which require medical care and cost a lot of money. To date, there have been more than 1000 Fosamax lawsuits in the US against the manufacturer, Merck.
Merck agreed to propose a $27.7 million settlement in 2013 in a similar Fosamax lawsuit which will cover 1200 people affected by osteoporosis prevention drug. Naturally, the sales of Fosamax have declined since the company lost a patent protection in 2008.
Merck lost another lawsuit in Florida where the company had to pay a $1.5 million settlement to a resident named Shirley Boles.
More than 4000 lawsuits are still faced by the company in different parts of the US filed by people affected by Fosamax who claims to suffer from femur fractures or bone injuries such as jaw death.

Fosamax price

Fosamax price ranges from $10 to $75 depending upon the dosage. Fosamax 70 mg is the most common among the different strengths of the drug that are available in the market.

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