Flonase is the drug used to treat symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, itching or watery nose. It helps fight year round allergies related to the nose and prevents the reaction of body substances that cause inflammation. Flonase is available as a nasal spray. Flonase nasal spray is used to treat can be used for adults or children above the age of 4. Flonase should only be used according to the prescription of your doctor.

How does Flonase work

Flonase is basically a steroid which prevents the release of substances in a body that cause inflammation such as pollen, pet dander, dust and also help reduce swelling. Flonase lowers the blood cells that help the fight with infections. While taking Flonase, it is recommended to avoid people who have infections or are sick. People who have chickenpox or measles should be kept at a distance while you are using Flonase.
Flonase nasal spray should not be used after you have gone throat 120 sprays even if there is still some medicine left in the bottle.
Children of age lower than 4 should not be given Flonase unless advice by a doctor as it some ingredients present in the drug can slow the growth in children.
All the directions given by the manufacturer and pharmacist should be followed and Flonase should only be taken on a prescription.

Flonase generic

Flonase otc generic is called Fluticasone propionate which belongs to the class of drugs knows corticosteroids which are hormones that affect the metabolism of carbs in your body and to some extent protein and fats. Generic Flonase or Fluticasone is used to treat asthma, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps and ulcerative colitis.
Generic Flonase is used by aerosol or powder for prophylaxis of asthma.

Flonase Dosage

Some points should be kept in mind before you start dosage of Flonase. Flonase is known to weaken the muscles and the immune system of the human body which makes it easier for infections to take place. If you are recovering from a recent illness or infection, discuss it with your doctor before Flonase dosage starts. Also, some other conditions to be discussed with your doctor are:
Glaucoma or cataracts
Liver problem
Herpes simplex virus of eyes
Nose ulcers
Any recent injury or infection on your nose
Any other illness or infection
Any recent surgery on your nose
If you are pregnant or if you are planning to have a baby soon after taking this medicine, it is highly advisable to discuss it with your doctor. Breastfeeding mothers should also consult their doctor if they need to use Flomax during breastfeeding. Patients with diabetes may also need to adjust their dose on a doctor’s recommendation.
Flonase should be used exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not use smaller or larger doses other than what is prescribed. Use Flonase on the same time each day for the best effect and also to remember taking the medicine regularly. If you happen to miss a dose, take the next dose on its scheduled time and do not take a dose twice to make up for the missed one. If you are planning to stop or decrease the dose, consult your doctor first.
Flonase comes with instructions and guidelines from the manufacturer. If you have any more questions or concerns on how to use Flonase, consult your doctor.
The usual dose of Flonase for adults if 1 to 2 spray of nasal spray per day. This is just a guideline and the dose can be changed if the symptoms seem to improve. Flonase should not be used for on children under 4 years of age and for children older than 4, supervision is a must so that to ensure they are taking the dose correctly.
Follow these steps if you are using Flonase nasal spray for the first time:
Shake the inhaler device gently before use each time
Blow your nose close to your nostrils
Close 1 nostril and while keeping you head forward, spray Flonase into the other nostril
Breathe through your nose and avoid spraying it into your eyes
Breathe through your nose if another spray is required in 1 nostril repeat the above steps
Repeat above steps for another nostril until you can breathe easily through your nose easily
Wipe the nasal spray applicator with a clean cloth
Keep checking your progress regularly and increase or decrease your dose after discussing it with your doctor when you have been using Flonase for a more than a week and the symptoms do not seem to be improving.

Flonase Side Effects

Some of the side effects of Flonase are mentioned below and should be intimated with your doctor immediately when they start to appear:
Nose bleeding
A runny nose or flu-like symptoms
A sore throat or mouth
Wounds that are not healing
Blurred vision or pain in the eye
Fever, chills, weakness
Breathing problems
Some drugs that can affect and interact with Flonase are antifungal medicines or antiviral medicines that are used to treat hepatitis C or HIV/AIDA

Nasonex vs Flonase

A common question for patients with nose problems or infection is Nasonex vs Flonase. While both these drugs are similar in their functionality, Nasonex seems to cause more side effects than Flonase such as increase nosebleeds and headaches.

Flonase vs Nasacort

Another common question for patients with nose problems or infection is Flonase vs Nasacort. While both these drugs are similar in their functionality, Flonase reviews from patients who have used it are generally more positive and 71% of them say that Flonase is worth it and has the least side effects.

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