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Th?r? h?v? b??n w?rn?ng? from d?ff?r?nt U.S. ?g?n???? r?g?rd?ng the purchase ?f drug? fr?m a C?n?d??n Ph?rm???. D????t? th??? warnings, the numb?r ?f Am?r???n? wh? bu? fr?m th?m ?r? ?t?ll gr?w?ng in numb?r. S?m? g?v?rnm?nt? h?v? b??n crossing th? border ?nt? Canada to bu? prescription drug? because ???t? ?f ?ur?h??? ??v? ????l? a b?g amount of money. S?n?? more ?nd m?r? ????l? find ?t d?ff??ult t? m?n?g? th??r finances due t? th? d?wnw?rd economy, th?? f?nd m??n? ?nd w??? t? ??v? m?n?? ?nd ?utt?ng d?wn th??r ?x??n??? on m?d???t??n? is one ?f th? solutions th?? ???.

Drug costs ??nt?nu? to r??? and th? Americans ?r? ?r?j??t?d t? spend billions ?f d?ll?r? ?n ?r???r??t??n drug? alone ????rd?ng t? th? US D???rtm?nt ?f H??lth and Human S?rv????. S?n?? Canada’s government r?gul?t?? th??r ?r???r??t??n drug ?r????, you can ?x???t t? buy from a C?n?d??n ?h?rm??? at a price th?t is w?th?n ??ur reach. If ??u buy ?n?ul?n from a Canadian ?h?rm???, ?x???t to ??v? $250 annually. This ?? ?lr??d? a big ??v?ng? t? the f?m?l? who ??rn? a m??g?r ?n??m?.

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